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Never underestimate the power of a good video to raise public awareness about an issue! Last year, in a campaign video for United Way of Greater Los Angeles, we told the world about Marva Lewis, a Gulf War veteran who became homeless after a work accident. This week, First Lady Michelle Obama mentioned Marva specifically in this major address about ending veteran homelessness!! Congratulations to Marva on having the courage to share her story, and to UWGLA and their partner PATH – Making it Home on helping Marva find a home.


We are extremely excited to begin work on our latest collaboration with GOOD + IBM, highlighting IBM’s groundbreaking OPENPediatrics platform.   The world’s first cloud-based social learning platform, OPENPediatrics is transforming pediatric education and care around the globe.

Our crew will travel to Boston Children’s Hospital to show how medical professionals are using this interactive experience to help equip them to perform life-saving procedures and treatments for children who would not otherwise have access to intensive care.  The technology was developed by IBM and the content is supplied by experts and doctors at Boston Children’s and includes seminars from international expert clinicians.  Our video will be part of IBM + GOOD’s Figures of Progress campaign.  Check out this blog from Boston Magazine about IBM’s groundbreaking social learning platform. (

Boston Childrens A2A3


Not just one but two of the nominees for Best Documentary Feature at this year’s Academy Awards were the work of Human Interest Films team members, including the winner 20 Feet From Stardom! 20 Feet was brilliantly edited by Kevin Klauber, who worked on many Human Interest projects during the first year of our start-up.  The film has received numerous awards and accolades, all extremely well-deserved.

Also nominated in the same Oscar category was the beautiful and poignant Cutie and the Boxer, directed by Zach Heinzerling, who has been director of photography on multiple Human Interest Films projects. Cutie was co-produced by Caroline Waterlow, our long-time friend and collaborator.

We couldn’t be prouder to be associated with these extraordinarily talented people, and are thrilled they are getting such amazing recognition.



Access Anywhere Graphic  

Human Interest Films produces online video content for City National Bank, one of the nation’s premiere private and business banks.  Our online videos, samples of which can be seen here, here and here are used to promote bank products and to provide consumers with step-by-step instructions on their use.  

With more than half of all U.S. adults banking online, and more than one-third of all cell phone owners in the U.S. banking with their mobile phones, the success of online and mobile banking platforms depends on their ability to deliver on the promise of convenience, ease and efficiency.  Critical to that mission is the customer’s ability to access clear, simple instructions for performing key functions. 

High quality online instructional videos are an opportunity to both educate the consumer about how to use the product and to engage the consumer with the brand. Polish and professionalism are as important as accuracy and clarity.

Human Interest Films has built a solid track record creating distinctive, custom-made, instructional videos that deliver effective content along with a dynamic, engaging viewing experience. Our expertise in the functionality of financial product platforms enables our editorial team and our animators to deliver easy and effective instructions, illustrated with clear, easy-to- follow animations.

Demand for quality instructional videos is only going to increase.   To meet that need, we have built a team of graphic animators who specialize in the production of animated instructional videos for financial institutions.

“The product demonstration and promotional videos that Human Interest Films produces for City National are a great format for us to inform our clients, prospects and colleagues about our product offering. The Human Interest Films team is quick to pick up on the nuances of specific bank products and they understand our brand. They work closely with our creative and product teams through every step in the production process. Their videos communicate details about our products clearly and effectively and help to differentiate us in the market place. Video continues to be a preferred marketing channel for City National and Human Interest Films will be a valuable partner for us moving forward.”
Tony Sweeney
SVP, Creative Director
City National Bank

Call us today to see how high quality videos from Human Interest Films can help you better communicate with clients, prospects and co-workers, and make your bank stand out in the marketplace.  P: (310) 890-1993, E:


Our video for Comedy Central‘s Night of Too Many Stars was part of the award-winning package that won “Outstanding Interactive Program” at last night’s Creative Arts Emmys. Congratulations to Executive Producer Robert Smigel (below, with Triumph and the Emmy) and the entire Night of Too Many Stars team on an extraordinary project whose impact continues to be felt.  Since the program was broadcast in October 2012, our video has gone viral with more than 8.1 million views to date. 

Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 9.39.06 PM

Robert Smigel (and Triumph) with “Night of Too Many Stars” Emmy


Human Interest Films has produced the third video in its ongoing “Real Stories” series for the Ad Council.  The latest video tells the story of a Michigan mother, Cathrine Karow, and the powerful impact an Ad Council PSA had on her life.  In the video, she recalls that during her pregnancy she saw an Autism Speaks PSA featuring Toni Braxton.  Later, when she became aware of developmental delays during her son’s first year, she remembered the PSA. “The autism PSA actually kind of kept popping up in my head, but I don’t think I wanted to hear that diagnosis. So I was looking for it to be anything else,” she recalls. “At the end of the PSA they say to look up the signs of autism. And when I finally did, it was like this moment when I felt the world crashing down on me, because it described my son perfectly.”  As a result of learning her son’s diagnosis early, Karow was able to get early intensive intervention for her son, widely considered to be the best treatment for autism.  Today he is showing tremendous improvement. “I’m very grateful that I saw that PSA, and that I saw it when I did,” she says.


The leading producer of public service campaigns in the country, Ad Council has been responsible for characters like Smokey the Bear and memorable phrases like “Friends don’t let friends drive drunk” and “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.”   We are honored that when it comes to telling their own story, Ad Council has turned to Human Interest Films, Inc.  Cathrine’s story is the third in a series of short films we are producing profiling individuals who have been impacted in a powerful way by Ad Council campaigns.  The other videos tell the stories of an Iraq war veteran whose life was transformed after a chance late-night encounter with television PSA and a Tennessee tornado survivor who made it through the disaster that destroyed her home thanks to preparations she made after being inspired by an emergency preparedness billboard.