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Client: IBM + GOOD

The U.S. Open, the final major in the annual tennis “Grand Slam,” is one of the most important tennis tournaments in the world. The two-­week Open draws over 700,000 fans in person, and tens of millions of TV viewers (last year’s women’s singles final alone was watched by more than 17 million people around the world). As a major sponsor since 1990, IBM has worked with the USTA to leverage technology to enhance the U.S. Open experience for fans, players, coaches and the media. 

For the 2013 Open, IBM and GOOD asked us to produce this short video highlighting IBM’s partnership with the U.S. Open, and the way that Big Data analytics provided by IBM (including its signature web feature Keys to the Match which analyzes 41 million data points from 8 years of Grand Slam tournaments), is enhancing the U.S. Open experience for fans.

photo-32 - Version 2

Executive Producer: Eli A. Kaufman
Producer: Mike DeWitt
Director of Photography: Ben Wu
Editor: Erik Evans
Music: Michael Hughes
Color Correction: Andy Barr
Sound Mixing:  William McGuigan, Gypsy Sound


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