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“Night of Too Many Stars”

Client: Comedy Central

“One of the best things you will ever see…” – The Huffington Post


Comedy Central and Jon Stewart’s Busboy Productions commissioned Human Interest Films to produce a series of videos for it’s biennial Comedy Central telethon “Night of Too Many Stars” supporting autism education.

In our short films, we highlighted successful education programs in Boston, Chicago and New York.  But it was our profile of 11-year-old Jodi DiPiazza that ultimately had the biggest impact on the broadcast, and became a viral hit.  Our video of Jodi, detailing her struggles with autism and the way music has helped her connect to the world at large, became the introduction to an unforgettable scene on stage.  That scene stole the show, and the YouTube video featuring our video spread like wildfire with more than 9 million views to date.  The day that the video debuted online, The Huffington Post called it “one of the best things you will ever see,” Glamour Online said it was “the video that has us all crying at our desks today,” and Andrew Sullivan of the Daily Beast advised his readers, “If you haven’t seen this clip…do yourself a favor.”

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“We hired the Human Interest Films team to produce video packages for Night of Too Many Stars, a fundraiser for Autism education.  Mike and his crew told the stories of autistic kids, their teachers and families with honesty, sensitivity and dignity.  The films were interspersed within a broad comedy telecast and managed to blend it seamlessly.  They were uplifting, inspiring and extremely moving without being maudlin, and the profile of Jodi DiPiazza, which has over 8 million hits on Youtube, proved to be the highlight of the entire show.  Mike and his crew are total professionals, and we look forward to collaborating with them again.”

Robert Smigel
Executive Producer
“Night of Too Many Stars”

Executive Producers: Robert Smigel, Carol Donovan, Eric Slovin
Director: Mike DeWitt
Editor: Bartley Powers

Cinematographer: Paul B. Yee
Sound: Brennan McVicar
Music: Jingle Punks

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