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Preparing Makes Sense

Client: US Government | FEMA |


The Ad Council created the campaign for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in order to encourage Americans to take steps to prepare for emergencies.

In 2012, the website (which receives 500,000 unique views per months) underwent a complete overhaul, including the replacement of a series of outdated videos.  Human Interest Films was awarded the contract to produce seven videos about emergency preparedness, targeting specific populations (including seniors, Native Americans, and people with disabilities).

To comply with government regulations, the videos were produced with English and Spanish subtitles, along with an American Sign Language interpreter.

African American family pack their emergecny kit

Producer: Merilee Newman
Production Supervisor: Giancarlo Balarezo
Director: Mike DeWitt
Director of Photography: Nick Higgins
Production Assistant: Jonah Braun, Marty Marquez
Location Sound: Brian Lahiere
First AC: Hashem Selph
Key Grip/Gaffer: Tabbert Fiiller
Editor: Ali Baron


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