Safely Home – Youth Advocate Programs

Client: Youth Advocate Programs, Inc.

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“Safely Home” showcases the power of the Youth Advocate Programs, Inc. (YAP) model across diverse geographies and demographics by sharing the stories of youth and staff from three different YAP locations: urban Chicago, where YAP helped Angel and Adrian, cousins identified in a regression analysis as two of the 250 youth most likely to shoot or be shot; Orange County, NY, where the organization helped Shelby, a cross-system youth with an extensive placement history, safely reintegrate into her community and realize her dreams of college education; and rural Louisiana, where YAP Advocate June Washington tirelessly nurtures resilience in youth and families of color that face the challenges of extreme poverty and limited resources.

Testimonies from national experts such as University of Chicago Law Professor Randolph Stone, “How Children Succeed” author Paul Tough, and Orange County, NY Commissioner Dave Jolly provide context for the individual stories and help to explain how YAP’s wraparound-advocacy model makes a positive and lasting impact on the lives of the youth, families and communities we serve.

Producer: Mark Landsman

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