The IT Landscape – Past, Present & Future

Client: ServiceMesh, Inc. / ECLC


In the Spring of 2013, the IT entrepreneur Eric Pulier presented us with a challenge – interview some of the world’s leading experts on information technology and create a glossy 15-minute video to be presented at a conference of IT experts in Nice, France.  The interviews were to be shot in Los Angeles, Chicago, Las Vegas and Sydney, Australia.  When we first sat down with Eric, at the Santa Monica offices of his company  ServiceMesh, the conference was a month away.   The video, delivered on time and on budget, was enthusiastically received at the Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council conference in France.

Shot on location in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Las Vegas and Sydney, Australia. 

Producers: Mike DeWitt and Ari Macht
Director: Mike DeWitt
Directors of Photography: Brad Serreno, Zach Heinzerling, Nick Higgins, West Ashton
Editors: Bruce Malm, Ari Macht
Audio: Sandy Fellerman, Nathan R. Lynch, David Tottle

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