The Safety Net

Client: The Saban Free Clinic

Since 2009, we have produced an original film each year for The Saban Free Clinic’s annual fundraising gala in Beverly Hills.  The gala, a fixture of the Hollywood philanthropic community’s social calendar, draws hundreds of studio heads, producers, agents, actors, writers and others to honor a major figure in the entertainment industry and to raise money for the clinic.   


In conversations over the years with the clinic’s executive and development team, we repeatedly heard them describe the clinic as a “safety net” for the uninsured — a place that must exist (even once Obamacare is fully implemented) so that the most vulnerable among us don’t fall through the cracks.  Four our 2011 video, we decided to take the idea of a safety net literally in order to sear the image in our audience’s minds.  We enlisted the help of a traveling circus which was performing near Los Angeles, and created this video which intercuts the clinic’s story with images of trapeze artists and the powerful net which hangs between the performers and certain injury or death.

Special Thanks to Circus Vargas.

Producer/Director: Mike DeWitt
Director of Photography: Sam Painter
Additional Camerawork: Arthur Yee 
Editor: Claire Didier


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