Client: United Way of Greater LA


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“The video that Human Interest Films produced for our annual giving campaign is moving and well-crafted, plus it looks great.  We’ve gotten enthusiastic feedback from donors, who say that the film is touching and makes them want to give. That’s the goal, and HI delivers!”

Jason Mandell
Director of Communications
United Way of Greater Los Angeles

United Way of Greater Los Angeles had done testimonial videos the same way for years.  They would find individuals  in the community who had been impacted by the organization’s work, bring them in to a United Way office, set up a video camera, and film them telling their story.  

In 2013, when United Way hired Human Interest Films to produce a video for its annual giving campaign, we worked with the organization to identify one great story, and tell it documentary-style – shooting interviews and accompanying footage where the story actually took place.  With the help of PATH (People Assisting the Homeless), we found Marva Lewis, a Navy veteran who had spent several months sleeping outside after losing her job and being evicted from her apartment.  We interviewed Marva in the homeless shelter where she was living en route to being placed in a home, thanks to the work of United Way and PATH.  And we walked the streets of Pomona, California, with her, as she pointed our the various parks and parking lots where she slept during her period of homelessness. 

Special thanks to Marva Lewis, and to Ronda Serigstad for helping us find Marva.  And for helping Marva find a home.

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Producer: Mike DeWitt 
Director of Photography: Brian Golden Davis
Assistant Camera/Sound: Eunsoo Robin Cho 
Editor: Bartley Powers
Sound Mixer: Brian Arbuckle 

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