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The Jewish Future

Client: LA Jewish Federation

Every organization and every cause has a story that needs to be communicated.  Mike DeWitt and Human Interest Films are dynamic, visual story tellers.  Their work is deeply personal, tremendously powerful and always gets to the heart of the story.

Jay Sanderson
President & CEO
Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles


As a director, Mike DeWitt is an island of calm – and that makes it possible for people to relax and just be who they are on camera.  His passion for the power of story is in every frame.

Denise Osso
SVP, Creative Director
Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles

As The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles approached its centennial year, Human Interest Films worked with the Federation’s leadership to craft messaging around the theme “The Jewish Future.”   To introduce the theme to the community, we created this signature video that was blasted out to the organization’s membership, featured on its website and shown at public events.  The video featured children — the embodiment of the community’s future.  Funny and poignant, it was popular throughout the Federation, and went viral nationwide.


Executive Producers: Denise Osso, Mitch Hamerman
Director: Mike DeWitt
Producer: Amy Rubin
Director of Photography: Sam Painter, Brad Serreno
Editor: Claire Didier
Music: Andrew Gross, konsonant/


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